Around the World of Time Management

April 3, 2011

Since embarking on this blog journey just a couple of months ago, I have discovered a number of other bloggers who are far wiser than I.  Here is a brief tour of some of my favorite time management experts in the blogosphere:

South Florida-based writer Cindy Krischer Goodman maintains the Work/Life Balancing Act blog for the Miami Herald.  Her primary target audience is moms who work outside the home, but Cindy has a lot to teach readers of both genders and in all stages of life about everything from organizing your desk to using social media at work.  Her blog incorporates some of her well-researched articles for the print edition of the Herald.

Follow Cindy on Twitter at @balancegal.

Time management consultant Francis Wade of Kingston, Jamaica dedicates his blog, 2Time, to sharing “edgy, new ideas for getting yourself unstuck from a time management rut.”  His posts are always insightful and offer great food-for-thought on how to better manage your time.  The 2Time site also features some wonderful podcasts and video interviews that are worth checking out.

Follow Francis on Twitter at @fwade.

Like me, Mike Arieh Medina of Mati City, Philipines is a busy graduate student trying to juggle multiple priorities.  He chronicles his journey on his blog, Grad School Jungle.  Mike covers many facets of the graduate school experience, but it’s clear from posts like “5 Time Saving Tips” and “Top 10 Time Wasters” how essential good time management is to his success as a student.

Grad School Jungle is also on Facebook.

Author and project management expert Dr. Mike Clayton of Southampton, U.K. (isn’t that where the Titanic departed from?) recently released his fourth book, Brilliant Time Management and has developed a nice blog on the same subject.  There, he offers readers easy-to-follow practical techniques for overcoming challenges like procrastination and multi-tasking.

Follow Mike on Twitter at @mikeclayton01.

With 17 books under his belt, Harold Taylor is one of Canada’s most renowned time management experts.  His Taylor Time Blog focuses primarily on the importance of prioritizing, managing stress, and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.  Based on the bio posted on his site, it sounds like he learned those lessons the hard way.   

Follow Harold on Twitter at @haroldtaylor.

And then there’s little old me in Memphis, Tennessee, “green” with envy that these wise people have mastered the skill of time management, and at the same time grateful that they are willing to share their hard-earned wisdom with me on their blogs.

I’ve started a Twitter list of time management gurus and am always looking for more people to add.  So please let me know: Where in the world are your favorite time management bloggers?

Thanks to Grant Smith for guiding me through the process of embedding a Google Map into my blog.


Welcome to my blog

February 14, 2011


Hello.  My name is Amara, and I am overachiever

I want to grow up and be Superwoman.  Sometimes I forget that I am not already her. 

I want the ability to do 12 hours of flawless work in a 7.5-hour workday.  And earn a master’s degree at the same time.  And be an attentive wife.  And do interesting freelance work on the side.  And put a good home-cooked meal on the table every night.  And use enough coupons to buy $100 worth of groceries for $1.75.  And regularly entertain friends and family at home.  And say yes to every volunteer opportunity that comes my way.  And (someday) raise intelligent, well-adjusted children with good hearts.  All, of course, while getting eight hours of sleep a night and staying caught up on my favorite TV shows.  See where I’m going here? 

I have always been this way and don’t anticipate that changing much any time soon, so I’m learning to embrace it.  But instead of letting it stress me out too much, I’m trying to better manage my time so that I can continue to do as many of these things (and others) as I can without completely losing my mind.  

Writing a blog is a serious time commitment, as I am quickly discovering in the social media course I am taking this semester with Dr. Carrie Brown-Smith.  It’s not something I would have started on my own, but thankfully this class is pushing me to make more effective use of social media.  So I figured I would use my “beat blog” for the class to explore the time management balancing act we all perform every day.

In the coming weeks I will blog about the trials and tribulations of working full-time and attending graduate school at night, while at the same time juggling all of life’s other commitments.  I am no expert at time management, but I have learned a few things trying to make it all work over the last 2.5 years that I look forward to sharing with you.

What are your tried-and-true tricks for making the most of your time when you’re at your busiest?